Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guest Post Coming!

Very soon, actually. Around midnight. ON midnight, if I can manage. In fact, I will have it all ready to go, and I will click Blogger's big orange "PUBLISH POST" button right at midnight.

So all of you--hang around here and be watching closely at the cusp of midnight for some guest postery.

Actually, you'll have to click your browser's Refresh button in order to see the midnight update. So hover, all of you.

You know what? Never mind that rubbish. I probably won't manage to get it right at midnight. But now that I have you all excited, I expect the Blogger folks to be running around, bonking into each other and discharging fire extinguishers at random when they detect what seems to be a huge Denial Of Service attack.

What it will be, quite benignly, is a bunch of Jack Regan fans clicking their Refresh buttons in joyous tandem in hopes of catching a glimpse of the illustrious man.

And glimpse him you shall, but not in any of the dirty ways, mind you. He will be presented to you (in a matter of hours!) in the guise of about 1,300 words dressed in the literary tuxedo that is Times New Roman.

Put on some Hindemith, clear your minds, and be enlightened. What, you may ask, will the FooDaddy be doing to prepare himself? Why, I plan to mask my jealousy of Regan's disgustingly efficient work ethic by writing a glowing intro post.

Hail Regan! May thine Home Row be worn shiny with the works of thine fingertips.


  1. This is seriously the best introduction I've ever received. It touches the very core of my being (which is not all that impressive, really, since I happen to be of no more than average stature.) Now, if you'll pardon me, I must go before these tears short out my keyboard.

  2. Talented AND emotionally-charged! What a fella!


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