Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Return of Henry

After four days of empty bushes, they are once again filled with a cat.

It was dark outside; perhaps 10:00 or 10:30 in the evening, and I was sitting at my computer.

"I believe I will put some of these files over here, and then I will delete them. Ooo, they make such a lovely pile! I simply can't delete them. I will move them around the network so I can watch some progress indicators. Maybe I'll go reboot something."

Basically, just nerding it up.

Suddenly, an unearthly howl filled the room. Starting low and quickly ramping to a piercing crescendo, it assaulted my sensitive ears; ears that at the time were tuned to listen for pixel movement. (Pixels are very discreet.)

Surprised, my legs shot out straight, rocking me out of my chair and onto my back. My arms, flung outward and up, hurled my mouse out the door behind me, where it was immediately pounced upon by Clutch, the Ever Watchful.

I lay very still for a few seconds, recovering. The noise sounded again.


Reaching for the nearest flashlight I scrambled to my feet. I dashed out into the hall, nimbly leaping over Clutch, who was busily devouring the mouse's batteries, and out into the cool July night.

I was immediately eaten by bats.

Well, not really, but the rest is pretty boring. The last I saw of Henry was him disappearing under the porch on the back of the house, and then I didn't see him for a few days.

But he's back now, and eating the food I bought specially for him. Don't tell him that I bought it for him because it's cheaper than the stuff I feed my own cats, because that might make him howl and leave again.

So! Anybody want him? Otherwise he might continue to fight ghost badgers or whatever, and eventually die. Shameful of me to be so emotionally manipulative, but it's for a good cause.


  1. Yay, Henry! Yay, bats!

    If anybody wants to read more about Henry, check here.

  2. foodaddy's foodaddyJuly 8, 2009 at 9:21 PM

    Wow, thanks for that look back, Mr. Reagan, or should I say Mister President!

  3. Bats, they's cool.

  4. Actually, this would be the REAL first Henry post, I think: The Kind-Hearted Putz

  5. I am very happy that Henry is back. I petted him today and he was very purry and loving. well as loving as a cat can get.

    don't get eaten my bats.

  6. I promise I will not eat anyone's bats; certainly not yours. Unless you invite me to.

    Heh heh. That's duuurty.

  7. So is Henry from doing all that flopping on the driveway. Good thing Foo is out there brushing him on a regular basis.


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