Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I dee-mand to know just what the hell is goin on here.

I was just trying to get a recipe for meatloaf, and all of a sudden I'm on this stupid site and some bonehead's talking to me. I find this highly objectionable.

Doesn't anybody actually do anything useful in their spare time? When I was this guy's age, I already owned my own company. It was in a brown building, and it made end tables.

Now, ya might be wonderin what an end table is. I'll tellya if you'd listen. Where'd a man put his Coke if it weren't for end tables?

Oh. Hold on a second.

What? The floor? Hell!

That was my no-good son. He said he puts his Coke on the floor, if you can believe it.

I hate kids.

Where was I?

Oh. Right. This stupid website. I suppose I'm done giving it what for. If anybody is reading this, and I sincerely doubt it, I would go find something better to do with your time. Go build yourself an end table. It'll keep the badgers outta yer Coke.

Trust me. I been there.


  1. We had to buy furniture when we moved to the US from the UK. And there were "end-tables." Took us forever to work out what they meant.

    But don't go putting your coke on there, it'll spoil the "finish."

  2. Ooo ooo! What do you call end tables over in UK land?

    I don't actually own any end tables myself. At least not any that I'm using at the end of anything. I was lying. Did the furniture salesweasels succeed in making you buy any?

  3. I have an end table. I don't use it for putting my Coke on. There are candles and a lamp.


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